Product builder, Tech speaker and Entrepreneur.

I grow teams, build products and solve problems — occasionally a computer is involved.
I’m currently Founder in Residence at Entrepreneur First, Singapore. I have build 3 tech startups before, most recently Co-founded twimbit as the CTO. Previously, I was an ML researcher at TU Vienna Informatics, UX / AI founding engineer at, founder of community and served as WG member of AMP Project. I am an active contributor opensource communities and projects while I give tech talks, share advice on product building and mentor kids in tech and entrepreneurship. I have been featured as top CTO of India and recognized among world most influential tech business leaders.
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🚩 Currently Exploring

Always eager to hack something new.

🇸🇬 Entrepreneur First, Singapore

Founder in Residence in EF Singapore exploring the InsurTech space.

🌍 ClimateTech

Time is now, things cant wait any longer. Working on finding ways to reduce climate change using AI/ML.

🧬 AI/ML & Data Science

Interested in finding new patterns and solve those problems or optimise them using AI/ML
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🛠 I love building teams → products

Leadership / Ownership / Accountability out of the box

🏗 Product Builder

I have worked with startups across the globe to build products from scratch to scale.
Aman has a unique super power of building immersive products from 0 → 1 in record time while keeping a balance between scalable technology, strong cultural teams and butter smooth user experiences. ~ Ashish Passi Co-Founder twimbit

🧑🏻‍💻 Engineer + Hacker

If something doesn’t exist yet as a traditional tool, I can find my way around and Do it myself. 🤭 I once accidentally created my own CDN equivalent to Cloudflare.

🎤  Tech Speaker

I have delivered Keynote, Talks and done podcast on Web, Data science, Tech culture and everything around startups at over 50 + events reaching ~ 100k + people.

😇 Giving Back

Sharing my technical knowledge to improve lives.
I was born in a remote border village in Jammu, with limited resources and it has been quite a journey. It would be rewarding enough if i could transform enough lives.
My current goal is to mentor 30 grass root kids and make them successful till i turn 30. So far I have achieved 7 and currently mentoring 3 girls.


  • Serving as Hon. tech advisor to UdayanCare. One of the top[ recognised NGO in India.

📞 Connect with me

Looking for some product advice? Need help with validating an idea? Want to improve existing operations or scale systems ? Or just chat ?
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