Aman Sharma
Aman Sharma

Aman Sharma


🚀 Serial Tech Entrepreneur, Speaker and Advisor

From my learning of building 3 tech businesses, I help early stage entrepreneurs ideate, validate, test, build and launch products, FAST. I enjoy building things, Teams, products, software, you name it. Taking initiatives from 0 → 1 is where I truly thrive.
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 💁🏻 About me

I am the CTO & CoFounder of Dinnerfy, ambassador at DevOps Institute and Tech Advisor for Early-Stage Startups. Before this I have built 3 startups [ twimbit, KiEvents and Atlancey ].

Recently I graduated from Entrepreneur First Singapore. I started as founding engineer at which lead me to become ML researcher at TU Vienna Informatics. Later on I founded the community, and served as a WG member of the AMP OpenSource Project. I am an active contributor to open-source communities and projects, giving tech talks, sharing advice on products building, and mentoring kids on tech and entrepreneurship. I have also I have been featured as a top CTO in India and recognised as one of the world's most influential tech business leaders.
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🚀 My work

I have worked with startups and organisations globally, while building sustainable engineering teams and scalable digital products.
Aman has a unique super power of building immersive digital products from 0 → 1 in record time while keeping a balance between scalable technology, strong cultural teams and butter smooth user experiences. ~ Ashish Passi Co-Founder twimbit
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🙌🏻 Ways I Can help


Fractional CTO / Tech Advisor

I provide fractional CTO consulting and Tech advisory to early stage startups who are building or scaling tech.

Build and Scale, Fast

I create and curate content on best practices, strategies and my person journey on building startup product 0 → 1.


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