24 | Tech Entrepreneur & Maker based in India

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🎯 Life Goal ”Build and Improve People → Product → Profits for progressive, sustainable growth of Human Kind.“
I enjoy building things. Teams, products, software, you name it. Taking initiatives from 0 to 1 is where I truly thrive. I can help early stage entrepreneurs ideate, validate, test, build and launch products.
[ Passion for Technology + Products ] * [ Skills in Business + Leadership ] => Tech Entreprenuer

What I Do ?

Current -

Recently I have been exploring new startup ventures to wok on. I am part of Entrepreneur in Residence program in Singapore with Entrepreneur first.
Plus, I have been digital Nomading across the south east Asia

Past -

  • Founded KiEvents ( Failed 😔)
  • Bachelors of Engineering from BIT Mesra
  • Earned first buck installing Pirate / Freeware software at 12
  • Born in remote border village in Jammu


📞 Connect with me

Looking for some product advice? Need help with validating an idea? Want to improve existing operations or scale systems ? Or just chat?
Book a 30 min call with me.
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